Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr., is a Master Level Pianist that has studied with the best Pianists and Teachers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida. His teachers
were: Moshe Paranov - President and Co-Founder  of the Hartt School of Music. Dr. Paranov studied as a child with  Julius Hartt.
He later studied and became dear friends with Harold Bauer, trained by Ignacy Paderewski, Lechetizky, Czerny, Beethoven, Clementi, and Haydn.
Elsie Easterbrook, B.M. ( Hartt School), protege  of Libby Warner Paranov. Dr. Dana Muller who with her husband ,   
Dr. Gary Steigerwalt was heard in the movie, "Good Will Hunting!" Dana studied with Jack Guerry, protege of Silvio Scionti.
Dr. Paul Rutman who was the first Doctoral Piano Performance Graduate from the Juilliard School of Music. Dr. Luiz De Moura Castro who studied with Josef
Gat, a student of Franz Liszt at the Liszt  Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary. Gregory Babal of the Hartt School who studied with
James Staples and Raymond Hanson. Dr. Woodard at the Hartt School  who was the Jazz Chair at that School.  Paul Bisaccia,
a student of Luiz de Moura Castro, who was heard  on PBS Radio and did several Television SPECIAL shows on PBS on Gershwin.

Mr. Moffatt now studies with: Dr. Cory Hall , who studied at the Eastman School of Music with Dr. David Burge, a Fulbright Scholar who was the Piano
Chair at Eastman.  Dr. Hall also studied with Dr. Richard Reber who had also studied with Dr. David Burge, and who was mainly trained by Cecile Staub Genhart
who was considered in her time as probably the BEST PIANIST IN AMERICA after having trained abroad with Feruccio Busoni.
Dr. Reber also studied on a Fulbright Scholarship abroad with Greta Hinterhoffer , a student of Emile Von Sauer, who was the best student of  FRANZ LISZT.
Dr. Richard Reber also studied with Frank Mannheimer, who had studied with Artur Schnabel and Leonid Kreutzer
in Vienna and he later studied  with Tobias Matthay in London.

Along with being a Master Level Pianist with over 35+ years of teaching experience in most of Connecticut, he holds several Nationally coveted designations
in Real Estate from his years of practice in that industry. He has been a Sales Agent, a Sales Manager for a Realty World Firm
and a Ct. Real Estate Broker of his own firm. His earned designations are the coveted G.R.I. and C.R.E.A. National Real Estate Designations.
He is a Graduate of the Realtor's Institute and he is a  Certified Real Estate Appraiser. Mr. Moffatt is an active composer/lyricist and has an I.Q. of 152.
His interests include Chess, Yachting, Training Police Dogs, and his collections of Collectibles / Baseball cards. His wife Valerie is a Ct. State Scholar.

He has created over 8 businesses that are all under The GEM Companies umbrella.
He enjoys teaching Piano, training canines,  his baseball card company and collections and he is an avid Yachter
on the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound and enjoys being  Captain  of  GEMCOM's current Yacht,
" Sentimental Journey! "
Mr. Moffatt chose this 2016 Nissan Pathfinder for his Piano travels as it has 4 wheel drive  
(Automatic) for those hard to climb snow covered driveways and because it has a 5,000 LB.
Towing package installed for his TWIN Yamaha TANDEM Trailer with TWIN YAMAHA VX
series Wave Runners which he just purchased. "I find this vehicle very comfortable and
utilitarian for bringing items to and from the Yacht and Marina!"   -GEM
2015 YAMAHA Wave Runners with the new,
TANDEM TRAILER were purchased. These
will be pulled to all the major LAKES in New
England for exploring and fun. The 2016
will do that job well for my enjoyment.
Both of the Wave Runners do about 50
M.P.H. on the water with their superb JET
technology. I intend to put one on a hydraulic
LIFT SYSTEM off the back of my 2015
Chaparral SIGNATURE 310 Yacht, as a
TENDER to the beach after mooring, or for
access to the shore or restaurants. A quick
shuttle, if you! wink...grin!
BELOW is the  2016 GALEON 405 YACHT!
So, if what I have ABOVE is that nice, why would I want to go to something EVEN BIGGER? I guess, it is human nature that makes us desire a
MASTER'S DEGREE after we get the Bachelor's Degree after completing High School.
It is about seeing just how much YOU can achieve, I guess. What you can accomplish in this life. Besides...I LIKE IT!
As you will see in the is pretty SPECIAL. So, it is off to the
38.5', 40.5', or 50' yacht.  -GEM

The last few years have been an incredible ride!
A decision was made to sell out my home looking down
and that was very difficult as it was a large and lovely COLONIAL
home with an In-ground GRECIAN POOL looking down a knoll into Lake Shenipsit.
It had one of the best views of the lake from what was at that time, the newest home facing
the Lake.

But, it limited me. It kept me living just for that home and unable to do what I
wanted to do most and that was to see the world, explore lakes, rivers and the
OCEAN. At the time, for a whole host of reasons, it was time to let it go...
return back to my SOUTH WINDSOR home that I had kept when I went to Tolland
and go for the other dreams.

I have not regretted that decision as you can see on this page I have now been able
to enjoy the pleasures of life and that which travel offers me.

I purchased the Yacht, Wave Runners, New Cars, 3 lots which are now ONE LOT
on Ashford Lake that is LAKE FRONT...and has deeded rights to

A decision was made to buy into a Marriott Vacation Club package that allows me to use over
6,000 hotels all over the WORLD for vacations each year. I can also use this to take Cruises
into Alaska or the Viking European River Cruises. As I speak, I am getting ready to go to Las
Vegas to see Celine Dion and while there, I will stay in a beautiful VILLA.

I guess, that I often choose to take the ROAD LESS TRAVELED.....and that way
leads on to way. I am better for the experiences.

IF I had a chance to do it over...I wouldn't.
I wouldn't change a single thing.
To the left is the
2014 Chaparral Sunesta 224
my first boat. It was brand new and
I only had it for about 7 months...
or a little longer, before I traded it in
and moved up  to the one below, the
2015 Chaparral SIGNATURE 310 Yacht.
It was a fine bow rider with a 5.0
MerCruiser Engine but it wasn't
a boat to sleep on or for the OCEAN!
Besides, I had higher aspirations...and
a plan to own a MAJOR YACHT in the
future. To get there...I would have to
CLIMB my way to the top.
Rung by rung...

So, when I am not teaching, I am on the RIVER or the SOUND on my Yacht
...or just on some LAKE in NEW ENGLAND on my wave runners....OR I am just..
CHILLIN' and GRILLIN' by the In-ground POOL!

I gave up a real nice view of SHENIPSIT LAKE RESERVOIR from my in-ground pool...
but, I think that the vistas  and experiences that I have inherited..
have made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I gained a YACHT... and a star to steer her by.

A Marriott Vacation Club Package to see the world...and now CELINE my life.

Lake front lots on ASHFORD LAKE...a place to build a nice LOG HOME?

And every hour or so, I get to hear the STEAM TRAIN'S WHISTLE
as people ride the refurbished STEAM train in search of a "Sentimental Journey" back to yesteryear.
as she goes by the MARINA.  As for me, I sit on the boat named after the song, about the TRAIN RIDE
back in time....on my "SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY!"   I listen...and I remember and a smile comes to my face.

ON the river I often see swans, and nests for Eagles, Hawks
and even a large grey heron often lands on my telephone pole by my boat and watches over me.
New FRIENDS are everywhere in this Marina. Unmet Strangers...with laughter and happiness in their voices.
Marina CAMPERS that will jump at the chance to HELP YOU OUT of a tough situation while trying to dock your boat.

Wide mouthed bass jump out of the water right in front of my boat.
Up river is Gillette's castle that looks down on my yacht as I pass.
Down river are Light Houses and the home of Katherine Hepburn.
Yesteryear is everywhere. And though it presses on me...I have no ever....

But, to embrace your ALWAYS the right decision.
Only in letting go...can you truly move on to higher ground, safer a happier place.

Only then...can you find....the real you....that life helped get lost.
And when you sleep under the stars....and smell the campfires...and the cookouts....
you become child-like....again...and find yourself...

The world regains its WONDER with your child-like eyes.
A butterfly is again filled with COLOR.
AND as it lands gently on the tip of your remember what a snowflake felt like as a child...

And the sound of a STEAM TRAIN...heralds in a new day....
reminds you just how wonderful...the past really was....
how wonderful every day truly is...and how lucky you are to enjoy its majesty and its mystery!

Hush,....the steam train's whistle...has something to tell me.....shhhhhh....listen....
Eastford, Connecticut

Mr. Moffatt's
Marriott Vacation Club allows
him to see the WORLD.
in Florida.


Mr. Moffatt will stay in a
VILLA and see many shows...
Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr., G.R.I., C.R.E.A. / Master Level Pianist President and Founder
" EXCELLENCE in Piano and Keyboard Instructions in the CONVENIENCE of Your Home !"
" ELITE Syncopations"
Galeon 385-405 HTL, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths!
Dining area Conversion / Sleeps 8 easily!
My deepest thanks go out to the Eschholz family who have been most accommodating
in the paying off  of this fine property. THANK YOU!
Purchased at  A & S Boats in
S. Windsor, Ct. This was the
personal boat of the owner,
President , Mark Passeri. Mark Passeri had taken this
one out of stock for his family for the summer of 2015.
He planned on selling it in the fall, and I bought it.
$500K +
$ 1,000,000K +
$750K +
Beach Area with Mountain Laurel
Telephone 1 - 860 - 436 - 9375  OR 1- 860 - gEm wErk     A Division of The GEM Companies
PHOTOS of the 2015 Chaparral SIGNATURE 310   CLICK HERE
Moffatt's Yacht..."Sentimental Journey!"  Above and
2015 Chaparral SIGNATURE 310 Yacht.
The Classics...1955 Bel Air next to a 1964 Malibu SS Coupe
Due to Mr. Moffatt's, Marriott Vacation Club he gets to have the best of
arrangements  at over 6,000 hotels Internationally. If he is visitiing the Pyramids
along the Nile, or in Las Vegas enjoying a concert by CELINE DION he has the
best at his beck and call.

Here he is staying at the Marriott's / THE GRAND CHATEAU which is
a VILLA in VEGAS. Here he can enjoy a rooftop swimming pool looking out
over all of VEGAS...take in a restaurant of fine dining....
or make his OWN...home cooked meal.
2014 Chaparral SUNESTA 224, was Mr. Moffatt's FIRST BOAT bought in early 2015...replaced within
7 months for the one below! The video the boat that Mr. Moffatt now owns called,
"Sentimental Journey!"
The ESSEX STEAM TRAIN comes by the Marina every hour blowing its horn and this
is why Mr. Moffatt named his Yacht..."Sentimental Journey"
after the lyrics to the song.
areas with grills
surround the
on the Connecticut River.
<-North to Hartford and South to Saybrook and Long Island Sound->
Features include: New floating docks. Swimming Pool and Laundry Facilities. Air conditioned bathrooms and showers.
Store, electronic gating system. Grills and Picnic benches and  Trex decks. On the CT RIVER! Wi fi, Cable TV, lighting on
docks, Electricity.  Picnics by the CT RIVER! Close to shopping and and restaurants!!! Minutes to L.I. Sound and deep water.

To augment his Pathfinder, Gregg chose this
2015 Nissan ALTIMA SV as his second vehicle.

with a
5.0 liter
This was
bought NEW.
" EXCELLENCE in PIANO or Keyboard Instruction in the CONVENIENCE of YOUR HOME!"
GOOD for pulling
wave runners, a
camper and has 4
Wheel Drive to go
anywhere like a
2016 Nissan  PATHFINDER
Loaded, full power!~5K towing
package with 4 Wheel Drive!
3 seats, all options. 3.5 Liter!
2015, NEW, Chaparral
SIGNATURE 310, Yacht.

This features the
following options:

350 Magnum
MerCruiser Engines
that each have 300 H.P.

Yacht comes with TWO
fridges, one up and one
down, top of the line
upholstery in DIAMOND
pattern. Full Bath with
shower, Diometic vacu
flush toilet, Hot and
cold water. Axius
toggle control system.
Master bedroom
stateroom with
kitchenette. Aft berth.
TV by LG. Advanced
Clarion sound system
for AM/FM/IPOD/ stereo.
Bow sun pad. Fold
down rear sun pad by
electronic controls.
Under water lights.
12,000 BTU air
conditioning and heat
Eisenglas, and canvas
enclosures. Ambient
lighting in colors
Dining conversion to
a bed. Sleeps 7.
A wonderful YACHT made in Poland.

GALEON 385 HTL is what I am
considering since the 405 isn't shipped to
the USA.

As you will see from the VIDEO
it contains every conceivable option
including a hydraulic transom that drops
down INTO the water for swimming or
launching a tender or WAVE RUNNER
strapped to the transom for your water
taxi to shore, restaurants or places of
interest on the water. I just bought TWO,
2015 YAMAHA VX series Wave Runners
so that is already covered.

There are TWO large bedrooms in the
cabin each with their own
for privacy. The dining room settee
converts to a large bed and is pull out for
convenience and ease of use.
DUAL sun pads are on the bow separated
by a long group of sky lites that offer lots
of light during the day and a panoply of
STARS over the master bedroom's
King sized bed for evening viewing.

Everything is FIRST CLASS on this
Yacht fit for a KING!

Two side by side fridges are in the main
countered GALLEY and one is up on the
main deck. Toggle control technology
makes docking a breeze.

Large TV, hot and cold water, on-board
generator all combine for LUXURIOUS

Remote controlled sunroof is found at
the Helm with all the latest electronic
bells and whistles.

Certainly a "YACHT" for the
discriminating buyer.

New Year's Eve in Newport!
Dancing the night away to a wonderful
orchestra at
"Rosecliff Mansion!"
The New , Moffatt "YACHT!"
A of the Moffatt Yacht with new bottom paint in black giving the YACHT an AGGRESSIVE
on plane...FLYING TIGER / SHARK look when on plane at about 25 knots.
TWIN---2015 Yamaha
"VX" SERIES Wave runners

TWIN, 2015
Moffatt's TWIN, 2015 Yamaha Wave Runners on a
TANDEM TRAILER (2016). These can do 50 M.P.H.!
Mr. Moffatt is considering the
purchase of another HOME in the
Maine area close to Windham,
Maine. This would afford him access
to Portland, Maine and the wharf as
a possible dock for one of his boats,
OR...a Yacht Slip directly on
LAKE OSWEGO which is Maine's

This decision should be made
in the next few months.

I would be looking for a NEWER,
Home with an In-ground HEATED
pool, with 3-4 Bedrooms and
SEVERAL ACRES of land near Rte.
302 for a quick commute to either

Possibly a nice , newer LOG HOME
on a hill or standard construction.
I would keep the home in  S.
Windsor, Ct as it will be  fully paid
off in 7-8 years! We shall see...
This will give me many options in 7 it for income...sell it and
transfer equity to a retirement fund,
etc. Pay off the Maine HOME!

At this time, FLORIDA to MAINE
is a possible option!!!
All of my successes and all of my failures have brought me to where I am today! If I were to go back into my life and
just change one of these...remove ONE.. I would not be where I am today.  I would not be who I am today!   I like where I am and who I

could be a tough place to retire...
Or...somewhere on the EAST COAST
near a HUGE LAKE..
or by the
Atlantic Ocean.
Gregg Moffatt plans his next acquisition as a TENDER
to and from  shore, restaurants, and special coves.
Mr. Moffatt's past home with a view from the pool of LAKE SHENIPSIT was a hard act to give up, but it has allowed us to see the world. We now enjoy rivers, lakes and VACATIONS all over the world.
In 2017, I foresee that I will be buying another home to augment my
South Windsor Corporate  Property in South Windsor, Connecticut.
This home will be somewhere on the EAST COAST either by a VERY LARGE LAKE....very large...or on the shoreline
of the EAST COAST with Marina access right on the Atlantic Ocean (Harbor then Atlantic, of
I am considering anywhere from  Portland < Maine (Sebago Lake/Portland Region) on down to West Palm Beach, Florida.
This will be a major vacation home with some land for enjoyment and if up north, snowmobiling. Stay tuned....
2018 Galeon, 385 HTL with VOLVO PENTA OR THIS...42' Flybridge by REGAL!
Both YACHTS feature cabin layouts with TWO LARGE BEDROOMS, each with their OWN, FULL BATHS!
Valerie Moffatt is the Vice President of The GEM Companies and is a Graduate of Newington High School in Connecticut. There she graduated ninth
in her Senior Class, with a 3.91 Summa Cum Laude Cumulative Average and was named by the then Governor of Connecticut , Ella T. Grass as a
Connecticut State Scholar. She later attended Central Connecticut State University where she majored in Business Administration and again
Graduated -- Summa Cum Laude with a 3.91 cumulative average. She followed this with attending and graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute where she majored in Human Resource Management and graduated in the 2 year time frame with a Summa Cum Laude, 4.0, perfect grade
average distinction. This she did while working at United Technologies servicing over 1,800 employees
Internationally  with international laws applicable.

At this time, 2016 FALL, she is now working towards acquiring her SPHR., Senior Professional in Human Resources Designation in the next few
months.  This may end up being followed by her , GPHR., Global Professional in Human Resources Designation.
Moffatt Real Estate Holdings and accessories for living the good life  include:
A major Victorian styled Colonial HOME that backs to hundreds of acres of woodlands, ponds and streams in South Windsor , Ct.
A Marriott Vacation Club  package that allows them to travel the world and use over 6,000 hotels and Cruise lines in the USA and Europe.
They often use this to stay on Singer Island In Florida to enjoy the Singer Island beach and  the Palm and the West Palm Beach scene.
Lake Front Lots on Ashford Lake in Eastford, Connecticut with deeded rights to TWO, PRIVATE BEACHES.
A NEW, 31', Yacht located in a Connecticut River Marina to be upgraded to a 40'+ Slip.  In-ground pool, picnic tables and all amenities
present for their 2015 Chaparral SIGNATURE 310 Yacht with TWIN, 5.7 Liter, 350 Magnum MerCruiser Engines each with 300 H.P.
Several wave runner Slips on Lake Oswego in Maine for their TWO, 2015 Yamaha VX series Wave Runners on a 2016 Tandem Trailer.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Mr. Moffatt is currently working on several TIME SHARES facing GRACE BAY in the
Grand Turks and Caicos Island region on  Providenciales in the Caribbean.
" I have covered the planet with all of this." - GEM

Mr. Moffatt is now looking for a SECOND HOME...vacation home on the EAST COAST from Maine to Florida near a LARGE LAKE
or on the Atlantic Seaboard with Marina access to the Atlantic Ocean. This is my 2016 - 17 goal. Possible locations are very different
from the New England Coastline of Portland , Maine to West Palm Beach, Florida.
We shall see...Reaching for the STARS!
The Corporate Offices and the Moffatt Foundation Headquarters in South Windsor, Ct.
This backs to Hundreds of Acres of woodlands, streams and ponds for hunting and fishing!
This video begins with the outside of a 405 HTL, but quickly becomes the
385 inside. Both are very similar with 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths below deck. Awesome boat by GALEON! I LIKE IT...
MOVING ON a deluxe apartment in the SKY! The Moffatt's acquire their "SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY"
Yacht and pose for a candid before the spring-time launch. 2015, NEW, Chaparral SIGNATURE 310 YACHT with
ALL amenities, and TWO, 5. 7 LITER, 350 Magnum MerCruiser Engines with 300 H.P. EACH!
They came to check out the NEW layer of black paint on the bottom of the boat...aggressive!

SIGNATURE 310 with
TWIN 5.7 liter , 350 Magnum,
MerCruiser Engines with
300 H.P. EACH!
THIS VIDEO BELOW...will give you a complete look at the exterior and INTERIOR of the MOFFATT YACHT! ENJOY...
<<<- The Moffatts!
New Year's Eve was a night to show up in the CADILLAC "V"!
This little MONSTER can do...235 M.P.H.!

ABOVE is the 2016, 42' Flybridge REGAL YACHT!

It is an upgrade possibility for the 2015 Chaparral SIGNATURE 310
that I now own.
TWIN, 2015 YAMAHA, " VX SERIES " Wave Runners with the  NEW, RIDE ASSIST
TECHNOLOGY. Sitting on a brand new, 2016 TANDEM TRAILER to be pulled by a NEW,
2016 NISSAN PATHFINDER with  4 x 4 wheel drive with a 5,000 lb. towing package
attached to it. THESE YAMAHA's were bought by a couple and used only FIVE HOURS
and then they traded them in for the HIGH END< SUPER FAST MODELS. They didn't like
these because they only went...ahem...50 M.P.H. on the water. I had to have them. -GEM
I will use them on the CT RIVER,..but, I will also use them on SEBAGO and
MOOSEHEAD LAKES IN MAINE! These will be fun rides across
Mr. Moffatt has both of  the Nationally coveted
Designations of G.R.I. and C.R.E.A.
Like getting a 2nd
Master's Degree in
10 weeks!
Held by only 1, 785
people on the
Adversity doesn't build character ,
it reveals it !
The SPHR, Senior Professional in Human Resources exam is a lot like taking your BAR EXAMS! This is one tough test! We wish Valerie the very best. She has now finished 1/2 of her required training.


GEM's Acres of Diamonds
Sports Cards, Coins, Comics,
and  Collectibles

Moffatt's Piano and Keyboard

B' Twain Classics
and 1st Editions

Moffatt's K-9
Training Center, Inc.

American Eagle
Gold and Silver
Bullion Proof Coins

Time Share Rentals

GEM's Acres of Diamonds
Lawn Care , Inc.

Moffatt Foundatito
Mr. Gregg Moffatt is the founder and owner
of eight businesses and the Moffatt
Foundation. He is a Graduate of Enrico
Fermi High School in Enfield, Ct. He is also
a 3.96 Graduate of the Computer
Processing Institute with  DUAL MAJORS
in Computer Programming and Computer
Operations. Later, he studied Criminal
Justice at M.C.C. and Philosophy at Trinity
College in Htfd, Ct. He is a Graduate of the
Municipal Police Academy in Meriden , Ct.
He has been a Real Estate Agent, Sales
Manager, and a Ct. State Real Estate
Broker with his own firm. He has an I.Q. of
152 and reads over 967 words per minute.
He plays the Accordion and has studied
Piano Performance with some of the best
in the world. He holds two Nationally
coveted real estate designations,  G.R.I.
and C.R.E.A. He enjoys Chess, Yachting,
and Training Police Dogs. He travels
extensively and composes his own
musical  compositions and lyrics. With his
Marriott Vacation Club package he travels
the entire world. His wife, Valerie is a Ct.
State Scholar and a respected Sr. Human
Resource Manager in the Aerospace
Industry working for a
FORTUNE TOP 50 Corporation.

This is my current YACHT and as you can see
from this wonderful video, it is really superb.

It features TWIN , 5.7 liter, 350 Magnum MerCruiser
Engines each pushing 300 H.P.

This is the video of the 330 model and mine is only
2 feet shorter at 31` but it is EXACTLY THE SAME
in every other way.

Enjoy the Video...and Yes!, the 40.5' is EVEN BETTER!
This is Gregg's 2ND BOAT, a 2015 Chaparral SIGNATURE 310 Cabin Cruiser
with TWIN 5.7 LITER< 350 MAGNUM, 300 H.P. Each MerCruiser Engines that
propel this beauty to 50 M.P.H. on the waterways. Used by Mr. Moffatt on
the Connecticut River and on Long Island Sound en-route to Block Island, Cape Cod Bay and
Martha's Vineyard.
In 2016, Mr. Moffatt decided to add to his FUN on the CT RIVER and elsewhere with
these TWO NEW< 2015 YAMAHA Wave Runners with the Power Assist turning technology.
He put them on a 2016 TANDEM TRAILER and added a 2016 NISSAN PATHFINDER with 4 X 4
traction and a 5,000 lb towing package. Now he can go anywhere in the NORTHEAST!
These cruise at 50 M.P.H. each!!!
This is Gregg's FIRST BOAT in early 2015, a 2014 Chaparral
SUNESTA 22.4 open bowrider with a great 5.0 MerCruiser
Engine that did 50 MPH. We quickly traded it, about 7
months later for a 2015 Chaparral SIGNATURE 310 Cabin
Cruiser with TWIN, 5.7 Liter, 350 Magnum,
300 H.P. MerCruiser Engines that did 50 MPH on the water.
You start off a CANOE !    lol...
Then you move up to your FIRST POWERBOAT! 2014
Chaparral Sunesta 224
My 2015 CHAPARRAL SIGNATURE 310 is a really FINE YACHT and it serves my needs for the moment, but, I am always thinking forward and this type of YACHT could be the next boat for my needs.
A wonderful FLY BRIDGE with dual controls , sun and fun with an extended swim/deck platform to hold one of my WAVE RUNNERS, this could be a great YACHT for sleep overs. It features
With the LOWER layer of black paint the GEM Yacht gets an aggressive stance!
Mr. Moffatt began growing a beard and mustache
and now looks like
a cross between  SEAN CONNERY
and George Clooney!
OVER $90,000 - $150,000 in
Collectibles  inventory up
for SALE on EBAY...24/7!

Dr. David Burge-->
at the Eastman School whom
both Dr. Cory Hall and Dr.
Richard Reber studied with
while at the Eastman School of
Elsie Cocco
was one of
Gregg's 1st
Teachers and
she was trained
Libby Warner
Paranov, 2nd wife
to Moshe Paranov,
Co-Founder of the
Hartt School of
Music trained by
Harold Bauer.
Dr. Cory Hall
( and his fine wife)
was trained by Dr.
David Burge, Piano
Chair at the
Eastman School of
Music and later
with Dr. Richard
Reber. Both were
Fulbright Scholars.
Dr. Richard Reber
trained with Cecile
Staub Genhart and
with Dr. David
He later studied
with Greta
Hinterhofer, a
student of Emile
von Sauer, student
of Franz Liszt.
Then with Frank
Mannheimer a
student of Tobias
Matthay in London and with
Artur Schnabel and Leonid
Kreutzer in Berlin.
Libby Warner Paranov seen above in the wheelchair. She was the
teacher of Mr. Moffatt's FIRST teacher, Elsie Cocco Easterbrook of
Glastonbury, Ct. Here she is surrounded by the LOVE of some of
her many friends and associates.

She was the 2nd wife of Dr. Moshe Paranov,
Co-Founder of the Hartt School of Music.

I had the pleasure of knowing her when I studied with Moshe Paranov in
his private studios in his home directly across from the
Hartt School of Music. I was deeply impressed with THEIR relationship
and love for each other and I  later wrote,
"Autumn's Finest Leaves"
for them both.

Valerie J. Moffatt was named a
"Connecticut State Scholar"
by the Former Governor of the
State of Connecticut,

Valerie was a 3.91 cumulative average
Graduate from her H.S. Then a 3.91 Graduate
with a Bachelor's Degree in Business
Administration followed with a perfect
4.0 Summa Cum Laude distinction for her
Master's Degree in
Human Resource Management.
Former Governor
Ella T. Grasso
With my full head of hair, I can go young Sean Connery
or older choice.-GEM
Valerie J. Moffatt is now working on acquiring her SPHR National Designation.
To accomplish this along with her responsibilities with her full-time career in Aerospace is a most difficult
task to accomplish.
SPHR...= Senior Professional of Human Resources . After she acquires this designation she
will immediately begin her training for her GPHR...GLOBAL Professional of Human Resources. Very few people have both!
Valerie Graduated 7th in her High School class, with a  3.91, Summa cum Laude and was named a
CT. STATE SCHOLAR  by the then Governor of Ct, Ella T. Grasso. She acquired her Bachelor's Degree, 3.91,
Summa Cum Laude in Business Administration from  Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)  and her
Master's Degree in Human Resource  Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
Summa cum Laude, with a perfect 4.0  Cumulative average.
GEM, Sr.