Training Director - Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr.
who is the son of the deceased, Sgt. Earl Moffatt - Commander of the original
Hartford Police Department's K-9 Corp. Sgt. Moffatt was the first Police Officer in New England with a German Shepherd Police K-9.
He was also one of the Four Original Directors of FIDELCO, founded by Mr. Charles H. Kaman of Kaman Aerospace.

Sgt. Earl F. Moffatt trained the first German Shepherd Police Dogs for the Hartford Police Department and for the Connecticut State Police!
He was the first TRAINING DIRECTOR for FIDELCO, with  Charles and Roberta Kaman.


Moffatt's K-9 Training Center was begun many decades ago by Sgt. Earl F. Moffatt, who was the Commander of the original Hartford Police
Department's K-9 Corps Division. Sgt. Moffatt was the "first " Police Officer in all of New England to have a German Shepherd Police Dog
and his name was "Fritiz". This K-9 was provided to the Hartford Police Department
by Mr. Charles H. Kaman of Fidelco. (President and C.E.O. of Kaman Aerospace in Bloomfield, Connecticut.)

After my father, Sgt. Earl Moffatt and Fritz were deployed on the streets of Hartford, the overwhelming success of their
intervention into the streets led the Chief of Police to decide to add 3 more officers to  the line-up and create a four
man team to manage the entire city on the night shift. These officers were: Ofc. Dibella, Ofc. Todaro, and Ofc. Fasenelli.  
All of these officers and their K-9's were trained by Sgt. Earl Moffatt, Commander of the K-9 Division who was also
the Night Shift Sgt. when the department originally only had 3 Sergeants, one for each shift.

Later, the Connecticut State Police, hearing of the success of the Hartford Police Department's K-9 Corps,
contacted Sgt. Earl F. Moffatt and requested that he train and provide a German Shepherd K-9 for
their FIRST, German Shepherd Police Dog.  Prior to this point in time, the Connecticut State Police had only bloodhounds
for Track and Trail purposes to find lost subjects in the woods, etc. Sgt. Earl Moffatt with his two sons, Gregg and Gary
trained , "REX" as the FIRST, routine German Shepherd Police Dog for the Connecticut State Police.

Later, Mr. Charles H. Kaman -  seen to the left, asked my father to be one of the FOUR ORIGINAL DIRECTORS
of the FIDELCO FOUNDATION being created by Mr. Charles H. Kaman.
Sgt. Earl Moffatt accepted his invitation and became the first Training Director for that FIDELCO Foundation.  
To that end, Mr. Kaman offered my father the use of a home and land for kennels on
actual Kaman Aircraft property that was situated on Old Town Road near where Kaman Music is now located.
At this location, we also became the managers of the Hartford Dog Pound for strays picked up on the
streets of the City of Hartford due to my dad's past reputation in Hartford prior to his retirement. His son, Gregg would later go
on to be the Asst. Dog Warden for Wethersfield, Ct due to his training at this location.

In our early years for Fidelco, we all worked on preparing dogs for various Police Departments in America
and we worked to prepare dogs for Guide Eyes of New York, and the Seeing Eye, which was
then located in Morristown, New Jersey.

In a strange twist of fate, when much older, Sgt. Moffatt returned to Fidelco after having been diagnosed
with Macular Degeneration for his own Seeing Eye K-9 and this was graciously provided to him
from Fidelco by his old friends,  Mr. and Mrs. Kaman.  His dog's name was Tessa and she assisted, Mr. Moffatt
with her love and concern, for the remainder of his years. Mr. Moffatt lived a good life in Windsor until his death at age, 91.

As a child, Gregg Moffatt would often go with his father to Mr. Charles Kaman's home in Simsbury on the weekends
where Mr. Earl Moffatt and Charles Kaman would determine the suitability of various canines for their possible use
as Police K-9's.  Mr. Kaman's main concern for Fidelco was to improve the German Shepherd stock in America
to try and eliminate Hip Dysplasia..which was rampant in the German Shepherd stock throughout America due to
"backyard breeders" with no concern of the effect they were having on the overall health of the German Shepherd Breed.

After Sgt. Earl Moffatt passed on his son, Gregg took up the mantle of
Moffatt's K-9 Training Center having acquired the following resume with Canines.

Trained by Sgt. Earl Moffatt, Commander of the 1st German Shepherd Police Dog in New England
in Basic Obedience, Track and Trail and Protection Training.

Worked with his father and his brother, and traiined the FIRST , German Shepherd Police Routine
Police Dog for the Connecticut State Police, which later trained all the other municipal Police Department
Officers and Police Dogs throughout Connecticut.

Helped to train Security Company Protection dogs in Ct and elsewhere.

Worked with his father in training PROTECTION K-9's for Palmetto Security Services in Palmetto, Florida.
Dogs were trained an put behind fences at major companies in the West Palm/ Palm Beach areas of Florida.
Gregg was a K-9 trainer for Palmetto Security Services.

Gregg worked for Burn's International Security Services as a K-9 handler and also worked for one company at:
West Farm's Mall when it was a construction site, First National Bakery in East Hartford, Connecticut,
was a K-9 handler on the streets of Hartford helping to provide Security to the resident's of the Asylum Hill neighborhoods,
assisted in K-9 Training Classes for Moffatt's K-9 Training Center in Bloomfield. Gregg was an Asst. Dog Warden
for the Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut. In Florida he trained the personal K-9's of weathy corporate Executives
living in gated communities that did extensive world wide travel, offering their familes the security they needed while
the Corporate Executive husband was out of town. While working with his father, he helped prepare Canines for
use with the Seeing Eye and Guide Eyes.

He helped his father prepare dogs for wealthy people thoughout North America, for Security Companies, and for
installation in Corporations for secuirty purposes.

For all of these reasons, Gregg Moffatt is well qualified to fulfill all of your needs for
well behaved canine companionship, security and Police needs.

Private training lessons for you and / or your children can be had at your homes.


WE OFFER...Training in:

Basic Obedience- heel, sit , down, stay, come, off and no!

Protection / Attack... Training for home owners, security companies
or Police Departments throughout North America.

Track and Trail Training- to find children, elderly people that are considered lost.
or criminal suspects.

Mr. Moffatt's canine and security background includes:

Training K-9's for Police Departments.
Gave K-9 Training classes to adults and children at our facilities in Bloomfield, Ct,
Security details for West Farm's Mall, First National  Bakery Warehouse in E. Htfd,
Condominium Association in Rocky Hill, Ct,
Burn's Security, Purolator Security, Palmetto K-9 Security Services in Palmetto, Fla,
Assisted his father with Mercer and Dunbar assignments,
K-9 Handler on the streets of Hartford for the Asylum Hill neighborhood,
Asst. Dog Warden (Animal Control Officer) for the Town of Wethersfield, Ct.,
Trained Shepherds for use by the Seeing Eye and by Guide Eyes of New York.,
Asst. Kennel Manager for the City of Hartford's Dog Pound which
was at Moffatt's K-9 Training Center, Inc. in Bloomfield, Ct.
Gregg Moffatt also worked as a night shift  College Security Officer and then as
the  Night Shift Supervisor of security for Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.
* * * * *
Trained directly by the FIRST, person to have a German Shepherd Police Dog in all of
New England, Sgt. Earl Moffatt, Commander of the Hartford Police Department's
K-9 Corp and Gregg's father. Assisted his father with training the 1ST,
Ct. State Police K-9 , "REX", for Routine Patrol.
Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt , Sr.
Moffatt's K-9 Training Center, Inc.
Sgt. Earl F. Moffatt of
the Htfd Police
Department's K-9
Corps with his
Police Dog....Fritz...the
FIRST , German
Shepherd Police Dog
in all of
The FIRST, Police Officer with a German Shepherd Police Dog on
routine patrol in NEW ENGLAND. Sgt. Earl Moffatt with his dog, "Fritz".

Here is Sgt. Earl F. Moffatt, Commander of the Hartford Police Department's first K-9
Corps Division. The only Sgt. on the Night Shift reporting directly
to the Night Shift Captain Garafolo. Captain Garafolo was so impressed with
the abilities of Sgt. Moffatt, that when he retired and took the Director of
Security position at Trinity College in Hartford, he asked Sgt. Moffatt
to again work with him as the Asst. Director of Security, which Sgt. Moffatt
readily accepted. He worked there until his 2nd retirement, and then went to
work for Rockville High School, providing their  in house security.

This is the FIRST, Police Dog in New England named
"Fritz" who was provided by Charles H. Kaman of Fidleco
{ President and CEO of Kaman Corporation).

Sgt. Moffatt would become one of the four original DIRECTORS
of Fidelco. ( Charles Kaman, Roberta Kaman, Earl Moffatt-Training Director and one other

Sgt. Moffatt also held the distinction as probably the SECOND BEST
Pistol Marksman in the State of Connecticut. Only one man, who also was on the Hartford
Police Department, Bill O Brien could beat him.
Bill O Brien was ranked 6TH in the Nation.

Sgt. Moffatt and his two sons, Gregg and Gary, trained the FIRST,
GERMAN SHEPHERD POLICE DOG for the Ct,. State Police. The Ct. State Police
went on to train all other Police Dogs in Connecticut for all other Municipal Police
Departments in Connecticut.

The Moffatt Family has had a profound and positive impact
on Police Work in the State of Connecticut and with other Police Department's
throughout the USA and Canada.

Sgt. Moffatt trained Police Dogs for the Montreal Police Department which was a
personal gift from the Bronfman Family, heirs to the
Seagram's Family Fortune.

Gregg Moffatt met Mitchell Bronfman at age 13.
President and C.E.O. of
Kaman Corporation
President of FIDELCO
Gregg's sister, LYNN evicts FRITZ
from his dwelling.

Lynn was the sister, that performed with
Gregg, many dance duets
in Tap and Ballroom dancing. They became
so proficient and respected, the Traveler's
Insurance Company asked them to join their
Traveling Troupe of Vaudevillian performers
to do venues all over New England. They
were the ONLY children in that
performing group!
Prior to being a Police Officer on the Hartford
Police Department, then a Sgt. on the Hartford
Police Department, Commander of its K-9 Corps,  
Earl Moffatt is seen here
after enlisting into Military Service during WWII.

Here he has achieved the rating of,
Boatswain's Mate,  First Class,
in charge of the BACK HALF of a support ship with
over 600 - 900 men in his command.
Sgt. Earl Moffatt, Commander of the
Hartford Police Department's
K-9 Corps and